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NEWS: FUNDMYHOME.ORG RESPONDING TO QUESTIONS AND CONCERNS Ann-Marie Wrote: My name is Ann Marie Baker and I am an associate with FundMyHome.org. My ID # is : 114545. In March of this year I signed up Mr. Collin Sweetland to the program as a Down Payment Assistance Recipient. His Customer ID # : 114926 His application was completed and he found a home here in Florida. Everything has been completed and was to close on August 22, 2020. Before I had to call because client at one point...

Thursday, September 10, 2020 FundMyHome .org


COVID -19 HUD Assistance Program

COVID-19 HUD Assistance Program While the vast majority of the country is still under quarantine lockdown, homeowners facing financial crisis are concerned about whether they will be able to make their mortgage payments in the coming months. Who qualifies for the program? Only borrowers who are already delinquent on their loans are eligible for immediate relief. The stipulations for qualifying for assistance are fairly straightforward. HUD has broken it down into three basic groups: 1....

Tuesday, April 28, 2020 FundMyHome .org




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